Monalisa’s enduring charm

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Published: 6/8/2024 3:03:57 AM

For Mozeza Ashraf Monalisa, popularly known as Monalisa, love is more than just a feeling– it's a way of life. The sweet-smiling actress and sought-after model, who has captured hearts across Bangladesh and beyond, has recently returned to her homeland for a visit. Despite having lived abroad for years, Monalisa's popularity in Bangladesh remains undiminished.


During her recent visit to The Daily Star office, Monalisa opened up about her life's journey, her artistic pursuits, and her unending quest for a soulmate worthy of her boundless affection.

How do you view love in your life?

Love can arrive many times in one life, at any time, anywhere. Also, why do we always associate love with another person? For me, love transcends the mere connection between two people. You can fall in love with a river, a mountain, or an ocean. I want to fall in love all my life. I don't want to live without love. No one can live without love.

What are your thoughts on marriage?

I haven't found the kind of person I want yet. First, I have to find the right person and then I can think about marriage. When I find someone with whom I can share an understanding relationship, someone who will respect me, love me, and value me, and our relationship–only then might I decide. Till then, I want to focus on my professional journey.

How busy have you been after returning to the country?

I'm having an extremely busy time after returning to the country. I've received many invitations. I've met many friends and co-artistes. I've participated in various photoshoots and interviews. I'm also spending quality time with my mother.

How has the acting world responded to your return? Are you receiving offers?

I've been inundated with a myriad of opportunities since setting foot back in Bangladesh. I've been receiving offers for dramas and modelling gigs. However, I'm not one to blindly accept every role that comes my way. I intend to be selective in my choices, picking projects that truly resonate with me.

I plan to strike a balance, dividing my time between my homeland and living abroad. Even if the stars don't quite align for me to take on an acting project during this particular visit, I'm certain the future holds such prospects.

It is perceived that you're still as popular as before. What are your thoughts on it?

The day I landed at the airport, I realised how much people love me. Wherever I go, I'm getting everyone's love. I thought people had forgotten me. But apparently, they didn't. I'm overwhelmed by everyone's love and amazed at the same time. This love is a gift from the Almighty. 

You were offered silver-screen projects before. If you get an offer now, will you take it?

At one stage of my career, yes, I received hundreds of film offers. I didn't do it then. Now, many quality films are being made in our industry. If I am offered good stories and characters that align with me, as well as the director and producer, I will take on films. I have to like it first.

What is the last Bangladeshi movie you watched? 

The last ones I watched were "Priyotoma" and "Surongo". I watched both films in America. I really liked them. Bangladeshi cinema has improved a lot. Whenever I go to America, I try to watch Bangladeshi films out of love and admiration for the country's art. Shakib Khan was also there during the screening of "Priyotoma". I attended the screening after receiving an invitation.

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