Rinku anticipates comeback to music

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Published: 5/27/2024 1:29:30 PM

Musician Rinku has been battling with illness for quite a long time now. In 2020, he experienced two strokes, which left his right arm and leg paralyzed. Subsequently, Rinku suffered additional strokes, impairing his ability to speak properly and forcing him to cease practicing music. He resides in his own home in Bara Sawta village, located in Atrai Upazila of Naogaon.

In January 2022, Rinku released his latest song titled "Rangila Naoka," marking his first new release in two years. The upcoming song, titled "Joshna Bilash," was recorded four years ago, and is written and composed by AR Raj. It will be released soon under the Media Voice label.

Last Saturday, a press conference was organised to announce the release of Rinku's new song. Attending the event, Rinku shared that his health has somewhat improved. He expressed his desire to return to music regularly, once he fully recovers. Additionally, he lamented over the time during his illness as there was a stark absence of anyone to offer support or comfort him.

Rinku shared, "After eons, my music will be on the air. This is such a great news for me. People who are passionate about music are solely interested in music. I gave my voice to this track before experiencing the stroke three times. When I recorded this song, my health wasn't in such bad shape. I'm hopeful that the audience will give the song a spin."

Describing his physical condition, Rinku expressed, "I'm slightly better now than I was before. The doctor mentioned that with proper treatment, my condition will improve, though it will require some time. I wish for everyone to keep me in their prayers so that I can sing once again. May my singing persist throughout my life."

Rinku further expressed, "People in the industry are only in it for themselves, with no one reaching out or showing concern. This is hurtful, yet I harbor no regret towards anyone."

The CEO of Jazz Multimedia, Alimullah Khokon, lyricist, composer, and music director Milton Khandakar, singer, songwriter, and composer, Plabon Koreshi, vocalist F A Sumon, and others were present at the press conference. During the conference, the guests called for the support of the Prime Minister and the eminent figures in society for Rinku's treatment. 

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