My friends in LA ask ‘Who is Dipjol, what does he do?’: Nipun

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Published: 5/19/2024 11:19:29 AM

The vigor surrounding the election of the Film Artistes' Association has flared up once again. The conflict between the current President Misha Sawdagar, General Secretary Dipjol, and the former General Secretary Nipun, has now reached a peak.


Nipun filed a writ petition in the High Court on May 15, seeking to suspend the activities of the current committee. Upon hearing this news, Misha and Dipjol were upset.

In a press conference held on May 16, Dipjol addressed the issue stating, "The individual you mentioned (Nipun) is disowning her roots in showbiz. Her recognition is owed to me."

On the other hand, Nipun spoke to Prothom Alo today from Los Angeles, USA, about these issues.

"I will face them in court regarding these matters. Since I have taken legal action against the irregularities, everything will be addressed legally. However, I want to say one thing, I have no desire to talk to ignorant people." 

Upon asking who she is referring to as ignorant, she remarked, "Of course, Misha and Dipjol are both ignorant. I have no desire to talk to either of them. Moreover, Misha is a very deceitful person. I will now address these issues with them through my lawyer. This is the best way."

Nipun is currently in the US for her daughter's university admission to a master's programme. The actress claimed that she held a green card to America long before she came to Dhallywood, and leaving such a luxurious life she went to the film industry, to contribute to the films and earn a name for herself.

"During the press briefing when the results of the Film Artistes' Association were being announced, I said a few things. First, I never thought I would get at most 50 votes, contesting against Dipjpol. Instead, I received 209 votes and lost by only 16 votes. This proves how much the members of the association love me. I thank them for giving me so much respect. I even gave myself credit for ensuring the election was conducted fairly that day. I even said that Dipjol is like a father figure to me."

According to Nipun, until 7am that day, she didn't even know she had received so many votes. However, on the night of April 19, the Dipjol-Misha group took over the entire BFDC and did whatever they wanted! She explained, "This can never be actions taken by artistes. A place for artistes should be one of gentleness and courtesy. Now, when he says he wants polite behaviour, did he ever behave politely with me?"

When asked about Dipjol's misconduct towards her, Nipun elaborated saying, "He showed no courtesy. None of them came to the BFDC or asked what the association has been doing in the last two years. For the past two years, that 'disrespectful boy', whom I am compelled to call disrespectful, named Zayed Khan, has been saying whatever he wanted to the media. Where were they then? Did they stop this disrespectful person? Did they say then that they want politeness and fairness? This means they actually prefer rudeness."

Previously, Dipjol made negative remarks about Nipun. When asked about the matter, she responded, "My father is a freedom fighter and a BCS cadre officer. So, I don't even want to talk about people like him (Dipjol). He is not qualified enough that I talk about him. I have to talk about people like him because I came into acting. Otherwise, there would be no question of talking about someone like him. My friends in Los Angeles laugh and ask, 'Who is Dipjol? What does he do?'" 

To conclude, she said, "What even is his contribution to cinema besides spreading obscenity? During his time, movies were filled with vulgarity. If I hadn't come into films, I might have laughed and turned up my nose at hearing their names just like my friends do!"

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