Bangladesh's Babar Ali conquers Mount Everest

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Published: 5/19/2024 5:47:05 AM

Babar Ali from Chattogram has become the fourth Bangladeshi to conquer Mount Everest.

He reached the summit around 8:45am today (19 May).

Farhan Zaman, the chief coordinator of his Everest mission, confirmed the information.

With this, he became the fourth Bangladeshi national to scale the Mount Everest.

Nishat Majumder was the third Bangladeshi and first Bangladeshi woman to conquer Mount Everest in 2012.

Babar Ali, who is a doctor by profession, is a prolific climber, having summited 11 of the highest peaks in the world in the Himalayas since 2014.

His Mount Everest adventure began on April 1. He reached Everest base camp on April 10. On April 26, he started from the base camp and went up to Everest Camp II and returned in order to acclimatise to the conditions. After that, it had been a long wait for the right weather to summit.

The journey to the final goal began on May 14. Babar Ali reached Camp II later in the day on May 14, Camp III on May 18, and Camp IV early on May 19.

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