Nipun sets record straight on challenging BFAA election outcome in new statement

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Published: 5/16/2024 7:12:10 AM

Actress Nipun Akter, who lost in the race for the position of general secretary during the last Bangladesh Film Artistes' Association (BFAA) election, has taken legal action by filing a writ petition before the High Court to nullify the association's election for the 2024-26 term. 



The writ seeks to halt the freshly appointed committee led by the Misha Sawdagar and Monowar Hossain Dipjol panel, who emerged victorious in the BFAA election held on April 19. On Wednesday, May 15, the writ application was submitted to the High Court bench comprising justices Naima Haider and Kazi Jinat Haque.

Despite gracefully accepting the announcement of the election results, Nipun's sudden move to challenge the legitimacy of the current committee has stirred further controversy and uncertainty about her stance.

Advocate Polash Chandra Roy filed the writ petition on behalf of Nipun, alleging irregularities and misconduct in the election process. The writ calls for an investigation into the matter and directions to establish a new election committee. Additionally, instructions have been sought to disclose the details of a new election process.

Last month, the Misha-Dipjol panel secured victory in the Bangladesh Film Artistes Association's 2024-26 term election. Chief Election Commissioner Khorshed Alam Khosru announced the election results on April 20.

Nipun's claims have raised eyebrows, with the chief of the Election Commission and the appeals board remaining tight-lipped on the matter. Speaking to the media from the United States, where she is currently residing, Nipun stated, "It would have been appropriate to take action earlier. The election took place on a Friday, and the results were announced on Saturday morning. The writ should have been filed on Sunday. However, due to my illness and urgent work matters, I couldn't do it then. I had completed all the processes upon my return. I filed the writ through my lawyer last Tuesday."

She further added, "Not only on the day of the election but irregularities have been occurring since before the election in collusion with the Election Commission and the appeals board. Khosru repeatedly told me, 'There is no benefit in staying here. Go home. The Misha-Dipjol panel will win entirely.' I repeatedly insisted, 'Regardless of victory or defeat, I will not leave without the election results.' Even then, the ballot boxes were not opened. How could the chairman say this?"

Nipun revealed, "On the evening of the day of the election, my fellow candidates from the panel informed me that some individuals from the Misha-Dipjol panel were threatening them. This was because the day before, Sadiya Mirza, a candidate from our panel, had lodged a written complaint with the Election Commission against Dipjol. After returning from FDIC, I found the environment chaotic."

"Despite the late hour, the polling center and the surroundings felt threatening to me. I had never seen such an atmosphere at BFDC before. They had taken over the entire corridor and premises. Even though the vote count was not over, they seemed confident that their entire panel had won. I did not feel safe throughout the entire night of vote counting. So, along with some members of my panel, I sat inside Studio 1 at BFDC, the makeup room, with the door locked until the election results were announced," she added.

According to Nipun, there is ample evidence of irregularities on that night. She said, "The Election Commission did not accurately invalidate the number of votes. As far as I know, 81 votes were invalidated. But they showed 40 invalid votes. This clearly indicates that our panel was not informed of any irregularities by the commission."

However, when asked for comments, Chief Election Commissioner Khorshed Alam Khosru declined to provide details, stating that it would be inappropriate to comment on the matter before receiving documents. He said, "It would not be right to comment on this before receiving the documents related to Nipun's allegations."

It is worth noting that on April 19, the Misha-Dipjol panel won the majority of positions, including the presidency and general editorship, in the Bangladesh Film Artistes' Association 2024-2026 term election.

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