Russia knows how to achieve large-scale goals, Putin says

TASS || Shining BD

Published: 5/15/2024 6:15:34 AM

The Russian authorities know how to achieve the large-scale goals enshrined in the recent State of the Nation Address, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with the Chinese news agency Xinhua, which was published on the Kremlin website.

According to him, "the address sets objective and essential goals." "We recognize the scale of these challenges and can provide solutions. To do this we will rely on the consolidated will of our people, the necessary resources and capabilities, and the rich experience of interaction between the state, businesses and the civil society," he specified.

The goals "include addressing demographic problems, increasing the birth rate, providing support to families with children, fighting poverty and inequality."

Putin delivered his State of the Nation Address to parliament on February 29, setting economic goals for the future and announcing new national projects.

Putin noted as well that Moscow prioritizes increasing people’s well-being in terms of economic development.

"Today, Russia is one of the world's top five countries in terms of purchasing power parity. Now we are aiming for the top ‘four’ largest economies on the planet. We prioritize such tasks as ensuring quality and the effective development across all spheres, as well as increasing our citizens' well·being," Putin noted, adding: "It is impossible to achieve quality economic changes without a sustained salary growth."

"To achieve this, we plan to increase labor productivity through the across-the-board adoption of scientific advances, new technologies and innovations, automation and robotization, and the creation of modern jobs.

At the same time, we will engage in training competent, forward-thinking professionals," he said.

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