Odd Signature vocalist Piyal no more following car accident, band members in critical condition

DailyStar || Shining BD

Published: 5/12/2024 7:16:03 AM

In an unfortunate turn of events, the car carrying members of the musical band Odd Signature met with a deadly accident in front of Dream Holiday Park in Panchdona, Narsingdi, while en route to Sylhet.


Tragically, the driver, Salam, and one of the band members, Ahasan Tanvir Pial, lost their lives in the accident that took place during the earliest hours of May 10. 

As per an official update posted today on Facebook by Odd Signature, the condition of the remaining members is critical.

Ahasan Tanvir Pial, the vocalist and guitarist of the band Odd Signature, also held a position as a junior engagement officer at a marketing agency alongside his musical career. 

The untimely passing of this NSU alumni has sent shockwaves across fans of the cherished musician and the band.

Odd Signature is a popular band amongst the youth of Bangladesh, with melodious songs like "Amar Dehokhan", "Ghum" and "Kobita" finding a spot in the playlist of many music lovers.

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