Bangladesh received investment proposals worth Tk33,806C in Q1

DhakaTribune || Shining BD

Published: 5/9/2024 5:14:08 AM

Investment proposals worth Tk33,806.29 crore flooded in from 302 industrial units during the first quarter of 2024. This surge in investment interest was revealed in a press release by the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority.

Breaking it down, the proposals comprised Tk17,636.9 crore from local investors and Tk16,169.37 crore from foreign investors, indicating confidence from overseas organizations in Bangladesh's business potential.

Among the 302 industrial units, a majority of 270 hailed from local entrepreneurs, followed by 18 foreign entities and 14 joint ventures. This diverse mix reflects a collaborative effort towards bolstering Bangladesh's industrial sector.

The implications of these proposals extend beyond monetary figures. They are poised to generate 4,735 job opportunities across the country, promising not just economic growth but also employment prospects for many Bangladeshis.

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