Russia says downed 17 Ukrainian drones

AFP || Shining BD

Published: 4/28/2024 9:14:18 AM

Russia shot down 17 Ukrainian drones overnight in several western regions, the defence ministry said on Sunday.

"The air defence systems intercepted and destroyed seventeen Ukrainian UAVs," the ministry said in a Telegram post.

Most of the drones were shot down in regions that border Ukraine, with nine downed in Bryansk, three in Kursk and two in Belgorod, according to the ministry.

Three more were destroyed in the interior region of Kaluga.

Ukraine has claimed a series of strikes on Russian refineries and oil storage facilities in recent months.

Moscow has also launched some of its biggest strikes on Ukraine's energy facilities.

The attacks have knocked out a significant chunk of production, triggering blackouts and energy rationing across Ukraine.

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