‘Kingdom’: The sequel and prequel of ‘Planet of the Apes’ to hit theatres

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Published: 4/28/2024 7:26:29 AM

The "Planet of the Apes" franchise is set to evolve once again with the upcoming release of "Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes", a film that promises to both honour its predecessors and carve out its own unique narrative path. 


Director Wes Ball, renowned for his work on the "Maze Runner" series, unveiled the ambitious project during a press event in London, offering fans a glimpse into the future of the beloved sci-fi saga.

As the 10th instalment in the enduring franchise, "Kingdom" marks a significant milestone, bridging the gap between the reboot trilogy that began in 2011 and the original 1968 classic. Ball described the film as a "sequel and a prequel," indicating its dual nature in the expansive "Planet of the Apes" timeline.

"We had to really decide if we had something good here. And I think we do. We have a reason to exist, we're not just a part four, we're kind of our own thing. We try to honour what came before, with the previous trilogy, but also the original 1968 movie," remarked Ball at the London launch.

"Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes" transports audiences several generations beyond the events of its predecessor, "War for the Planet of the Apes", introducing a new protagonist in the form of Noa, a young and courageous ape. Noa's journey, fraught with peril and discovery, takes viewers on an epic adventure through a world on the brink of extinction.

"It's unique characters this time, it's younger characters. There's a kind of a youthful spirit. It's a bit more of an adventure. It's a road movie as we kind of travel across this landscape that's slowly disappearing, the ruins of our world," explained Ball, hinting at the film's thematic exploration of resilience and hope in the face of adversity.

Utilising state-of-the-art motion-capture technology, the film brings its non-human characters to life with stunning realism. The cast, including newcomer actors portraying ape characters, underwent rigorous training in "ape school" under the guidance of movement coach Alain Gauthier, a former Cirque du Soleil performer. Additionally, acclaimed actor Andy Serkis, known for his groundbreaking motion-capture performances as Caesar in the previous trilogy, served as a special consultant, lending his expertise to the next generation of performers.

"I'm very proud to, in a tiny way, be associated with its journey and sort of passing on the baton to the next generation and watching them create such an incredible movie," remarked Serkis, reflecting on his involvement in the project.

The global cinematic rollout for "Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes" begins on May 8.

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