Avoid heat stroke amid heatwave: DGHS issues eight directives

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Published: 4/23/2024 2:19:57 PM

The Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) released an eight-point recommendation today to reduce the risk of heat stroke in the midst of the current mild to severe heatwave sweeping the country.

These guidelines were posted today on the DGHS Facebook page. According to the post, these eight suggestions were created with consideration for the national guideline on temperature-related health risks. The eight directives are:

1. Adults should drink at least 2.5-3 litres of safe water throughout the day. Avoid food and water prepared on the road.

2. Rest occasionally in a shaded or cool place.

3. Take baths more than once if necessary.

4. Wear white or light-coloured loose cotton clothes.

5. If you have various health problems, such as diabetes, kidney disease, high blood pressure or other diseases, consult a doctor quickly about what to do during the summer.

6. In hot weather, if sweating stops, nausea occurs, severe headache, body temperature rises, urination decreases, urinary irritation, seizures and fainting occur, then go to the hospital immediately and consult a doctor.

7. Take care of your mental health.

8. For any health advice, contact the government's emergency healthcare number, Shahstho Batayon-16263.

According to DGHS, people who work in the sun, are pregnant, are elderly, have special needs, are receiving treatment, and newborns and children are more likely to suffer from heat stroke in this intense heat.

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