Dighi denies romantic involvement with YouTuber

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Published: 4/19/2024 7:26:45 AM

Throughout the Eid break, television channels recently aired diverse festival-themed programmes including special features with stars. Among them was the often-discussed actress Prarthana Fardin Dighi, who appeared on a private television show. 


She humorously discussed various aspects of her life while also sharing that if not an actress, she would have pursued a career as a musician.
Addressing the rumors of a romantic involvement with YouTuber Tawhid Afridi, Dighi dismissed them as entirely untrue, suggesting Afridi himself would confirm their platonic relationship, asserting, "He's just my friend." 

In the context of speaking regarding the disparity between mainstream movies and web-films, the actress highlighted that, in her view, the only distinction lies in the platform. "I invest the same level of dedication and effort into both types of projects," she affirmed.

Dighi noted that, if anything, the narratives in OTT platforms often possess greater depth, with both mediums thriving regardless. "The films that have been released since 'Priyotoma' have been arriving on OTT platforms too illustrating that, apart from the platform, there's minimal divergence between the two."

As for her presence on social media, she acknowledged the fluctuating nature of it, stating that everyone experiences both highs and lows. "I don't dwell on negative vibes online. My career remains unaffected as I remain busy with ongoing projects and collaborations with directors. I continue to receive work consistently, with at least two or three projects annually, which is sufficient for me," she stated about her resilience. 

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