Netanyahu a threat for Israel, opposition leader says

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Published: 4/17/2024 6:52:18 AM

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his cabinet pose a threat to their own country, Yair Lapid, leader of the Israeli opposition, said, calling to hold new elections, reports TASS news agency.

Speaking before reporters after his trip to Washington, the politician said that the US administration is "appalled" by the behavior of the Israeli government, led by Netanyahu, according to The Jerusalem Post.

"This government, this prime minister, has become an existential threat against Israel," Lapid said. "They destroyed Israeli deterrence. Our enemies look at this government, smell weakness, and raise their heads."

According to Lapid, Israeli allies "smell this weakness," too.

"I was in Washington last week in a meeting with top administration officials. They are appalled by this government: The irresponsibility, the lack of professionalism, the failed management, the ingratitude," he claimed.

He pointed out that Netanyahu previously called himself "Mr. Security," promising to guarantee order in Israel. Instead, the current authorities have brought the country to the opposite: a "wasteland from Kiryat Shmona [a city on the Lebanese border] to Beeri [a settlement on the Gaza Strip border], violence by Jewish settlers [in the West Bank] that is out of hand, and a complete loss of Israeli deterrence."

"Our problem is Iran, but our problem is also here. [...] It is time for an election now," Lapid believes.

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