Dhaka-Delhi relationship has to be nurtured and kept moving forward with fresh impetus: Harsh Vardhan Shringla

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Published: 4/17/2024 4:34:16 AM

Former Indian Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla has said the Bangladesh-India relationship is a relationship that has to be nurtured and kept moving forward through continuous cooperation.

“The relationship is not just moving forward, it is growing by leaps and bounds. We have to continue maintaining the momentum of the relations with fresh impetus,” he said while responding to a question in a podcast.

Shringla who served as High Commissioner of India to Bangladesh, joined Pratim Ranjan Bose to discuss global politics and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foreign policy.

Pratim Ranjan Bose is a media commentator, researcher, and consultant. He writes newspaper columns and appears on national TV.

Shringla, Chief Coordinator of India’s G20 Presidency in 2022-23, said Prime Minister Modi and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina have developed a very good relationship which is referred to as the golden chapter for Dhaka-Delhi ties and the two countries have addressed most of the irritants of the relations.

Responding to a question about the possibility of fresh Indian credit, he said every country has credit absorption capacity.

Shringla said India-Bangladesh relations are in a satisfactory stage and must move forward in every aspect including the line of credit. “It is very important to work closely for implementation of the projects.”

He appreciated PM Modi’s Neighbourhood First policy and highlighted that 50% of the Indian line of credit is directed to the neighbourhood. “You cannot expect to prosper and develop if your neighbours are not doing the same.”

Cooperation during COVID-19 through sharing vaccines, exemption from recent ban on onion exports and trade facilitations are giving dividends, said the former Indian diplomat.

He said electricity cooperation with Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh will flourish and an under-sea electricity cable to Sri Lanka can bring long-term stability to the island nation.

Responding to a question on reported “Boycott India” campaigns in the Maldives, Shringla said ties are too strong to be disturbed by *Boycott India* campaigns.

“I can tell you very safely that people of these two countries, by and large, have a very strong affinity and positive outlook,” he said, highlighting the engagement through tourism, medical care and education sector.

Shringla said the people-to-people relationship is the most vital PM Modi’s policy is very broad and foresighted when it comes to neighbours.

Asked about joining politics, Shringla said he is not formally in politics but he is happy to support those efforts for his country under the guidance of PM Modi and noted that India witnessed enormous transformation and achievements.

He said India wants a multipolar world with it being one of the poles. India surpassed all expectations under Modi and is facing resistance both from outside and inside but ready to move on,” he said.

Shringla also shed light on India-US relations noting that there are remarkable achievements. “US companies started investing heavily in India. The ties reached a stage where it will remain unaffected.”

Indo-Pacific and QUAD are very important to the USA and the cooperation will increase, he observed.

Shringla said India is committed to ensuring the security of maritime trade through the Gulf of Aden and Suez.

He said India’s role in providing maritime security will rise in the western Indian Ocean and perhaps even in the eastern Indian Ocean.

“We have to display more robust participation in global security. Today we have been more proactive. Those efforts will continue. We have to ensure that we are part of the solution,” Shringhla said,m adding that, “We hope to see there will be greater stability.”

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