At least four dead after bus hits Easter procession in Brazil

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Published: 4/1/2024 4:54:24 AM

At least four people have died after a bus rammed into an Easter Sunday procession in Brazil's northeast Pernambuco state, the governor said.

"My condolences to the worshippers and families of the victims of the hit-and-run that occurred during the procession in Jaboatao, which caused the death of at least four people," Governor Raquel Lyra said in an Instagram post.

The incident also left around 20 people injured, local media cited emergency responders as saying.

The mayor of Jaboatao, Mano Medeiros, said on the social network X that it was a "serious accident," without providing details on the number of victims or the causes.

An unconfirmed video of the crash circulating on social networks and local media showed the bus hurtling down a steep road and ramming a crowd of people accompanying the procession.

The bus driver fled the scene, local media reported.

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