Mosharraf Karim to hit silver screen soon with ‘Chokkor 302’

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Published: 4/1/2024 4:10:15 AM

Prominent artiste Mosharraf Karim is a versatile actor who has earned critical acclaim and recognition for his remarkable performances on screen, stage, and OTT platforms. Throughout his extensive acting career, he has proven himself as one of the finest artistes in the country with his brilliant portrayals across all mediums. Recently, he has also gained popularity among Kolkata's audience, transcending Bangladesh's borders.

In continuation of his remarkable portrayals in the film "Hubba" and the web-series "Mohanagar", the actor will next enthral his audiences with a new film. His upcoming film venture — Saraf Ahmed Zibon's directorial "Chokkor 302" is soon to hit the theatres.

Regarding this government-financed film, its director, Saraf Ahmed Zibon, said, "This film is my directorial debut for the silver screen. The strength of the film lies in its bold storyline. The narrative is also imbued with a deeply human touch, along with Mosharraf Karim's impeccable acting in the lead role."

Furthermore, the director stated that Mosharraf Karim will be seen portraying the character of a DB (detective branch) officer in this film. He emphasised that Karim is not just merely an actor but a methodical one and that his brilliant presence in the movie was pivotal to the overall outcome of the project.

"The story revolves around Mosharraf Karim's character, making him the soul of the film. There is much more to the story that the audience will witness on screen," the director said.

The first look of the film "Chokkor 302" was released on February 20, generating significant buzz among the audience on social media platforms. Initially, the film was titled "Bicharaloy", but later the name was changed to "Chokkor 302".

Director Saraf Ahmed Zibon expressed his optimism regarding "Chokkor 302" hitting the halls. "We are ready to release the film. However, we will reserve some time for the promotional campaigns surrounding the film. After that, we will release the film across the country," he said.

Expressing confidence about the film, Mosharraf Karim stated, "I hope that the audience will like it as we tried to bring something different to the story with 'Chokkor 302'. I tried to delve into my character and the narrative completely and I think the audiences will like it."

While "Chokkor 302" has yet to be scheduled with a release date, numerous dramas starring Mosharraf Karim are scheduled to be broadcast on various TV channels during the upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr festivities.

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