Taking no steps to stop Gaza killing is regretful: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

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Published: 3/25/2024 4:32:43 AM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina regretted that the world is witnessing the killings in Gaza, but no one is taking any effective measures to stop such deaths.

She made the remark as visiting Secretary General of the Fateh Movement (Ruling Party) of Palestine Lt. General Jebreel Alrjoub called on her at her official residence Ganabhaban here this morning.

Prime Minister's Speech Writer Md Nazrul Islam briefed the newsmen after the meeting.

According to Islam, the premier also heavily came down on the human rights organisations for their silent stance about the Israeli attack on Gaza, saying, "This is one kind of hypocrisyā€¯.

Sheikh Hasina stressed the necessity of unity among the Muslim Ummah as well.

The prime minister said the Muslims should remain united and "it should be done for the security of the Muslim Ummah and mitigating the misery of the Palestiniansā€¯. 

She also asked for following the resolution adopted in 1967 which stated that East Jerusalem will be the capital of the Palestine.

The prime minister reiterated her unwavering support to the Palestinians and condemned the killing of thousands in Gaza, including women and children as well as attacks on hospitals by the Israeli forces.

She also expressed her condolence for the death in Gaza and demanded for the immediate ceasefire there.

Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh has already sent relief assistance for Palestine people for two times through Egypt.

"I always raised my voice at international forums for the Palestinians wherever I got chance," she added.

The premier also recalled the visit of Yasser Arafat in Bangladesh in 1997 during the Awami League regime.

The secretary general thanked Sheikh Hasina for her resolute support and raising voice for the Palestinians in different international forums.

"The war needs to be stopped immediately and the International community should take quick steps for the purpose," said Jebreel Alrjoub.

Mentioning that acute food crisis is prevailing in Gaza and the people are starving, he said: "Food assistance is urgently needed there." 

Jebreel Alrjoub said that recognition of Palestine state is the only way for the solution to the crisis.

He said there are 400 million people living in Arab countries, but they are not united, adding: "If they become united, then the torture and oppression over the Palestinians would be stopped easily". 

"Arab world has power and resources, just unity could stop the Israeli aggression," he said. 

Jebreel Alrjoub also said that regional stability and global peace would never be established if the war is not stopped. 

He thanked Bangladesh for its strong role in the International Court of Justice in South Africa.

He also handed over a letter of Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas to the prime minister.

PM's Principal Secretary M Tofazzel Hossain Miah and Palestine Ambassador were present.

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