Skincare tips: Be monsoon-ready in just 3 simple beauty steps

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Published: 8/2/2022 7:31:57 AM

After the oppressive summer heat, monsoons are a blessing for all of us but everything about rains does not particularly make you jump for joy like dealing with frizzy hair after getting caught in an unexpected downpour, scheduling your plans around the weather or the harsh weather conditions on your skin. Along with that, the abundance of skin-related issues like rashes, acne, facial folliculitis and persistent perspiration brought on by the monsoon weather's excessive humidity are a bane.

A summer skincare regimen that is effective in the hot, dry months won't do much to protect your skin from the monsoon's humidity. To solve your beauty woes, we decided to share three easy monsoon skincare steps to keep your skin healthy and fresh during the rainy season.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Aparna Santhanam, Dermatologist and Skin Expert at ITC Charmis, revealed, “Daily weather has an impact on how our skin feels and looks. As the seasons change, our skincare regimen and daily routines also need to change & adapt. With the monsoon season on in India, our skin is prone to multiple issues that tone down the glow. Hence, it is essential to pick beauty products that hydrate and nourish the skin with robust, scientific and effective ingredients."

She added, “As each skin type demands myriads of ingredients, overall a face serum is a great addition to any skincare routine. When loaded with active ingredients, a face serum is a lightweight formulation that is easy to apply and is intensely hydrating. An effective skincare regime also demands a healthy diet with adequate hydration. Water is a potent elixir and has become the need of the hour to keep ourselves and our skin nourished, hydrated and protected.”

She insisted that just by adhering to the following 3 simple skincare steps, you are all set to enjoy the monsoon to the fullest:

1. Cleanse - The first step to achieving and maintaining healthy-looking skin during monsoon season is cleansing. Regular skin cleansing is essential for maintaining healthy-looking, glowing skin that is free of irritation. Cleansing also improves the efficacy of other skincare products, due to enhanced penetration. Using exfoliating cleansers once or twice a week is also helpful in getting rid of dead cells on the surface of the skin and improving penetration of skin care products.

2. Moisturise - After cleansing, the next step is to moisturize. It is better to use light moisturisers, as we perspire a lot more due to the weather and the humidity. Using a heavy, cream-based moisturizer in this weather causes problems such as blackheads or whiteheads, resulting in pimples or acne. Thence, it's imperative to use a light gel-based moisturizer (or a soft cream), enriched with natural skin soothers and instantly boosting the moisture reserve. Opting for a light, bouncy cream containing antioxidants like Vitamin C ad saffron extracts acts as a powerhouse combating the ill effects of the season and equipping a natural glow.

3. Serum application - Post skin moisturizing, face serums deliver active ingredients to your skin for a head-turner glow. Serums are water-based, easily absorbed and do not leave your face oily. You can always use a serum depending on your skincare requirements.


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