Pori Moni to star alongside Madhumita Sarcar in ‘Felubakshi’

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Published: 3/21/2024 4:08:36 AM

Pori Moni is poised to make her Tollywood debut with her new film alongside Soham Chakraborty, set in West Bengal. Departing from Dhaka, she has arrived in Kolkata to commence shooting for the much-anticipated project titled "Felubakshi."


Directed by Devraj Sinha, "Felubakshi" promises to be a thrilling tale, featuring Pori, who plays the character Labonnay. The cast also includes another Kolkata star Madhumita Sarcar.


Pori Moni expressed her enthusiasm, stating, "I have always harboured a desire to work in Kolkata films. I believe their work is exceptionally nuanced, and the journey of filming is immensely fulfilling."

Pori Moni

The shooting for "Felubakshi" is set to kick off on March 26 at various locations in Kolkata. Pori, eager for this new chapter in her career, shared, "This will be my first film in Kolkata, and I am excited to immerse myself in the culture and cinematic landscape of the city."

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