Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for not putting excessive pressure on students

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Published: 3/18/2024 4:29:21 AM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina asked the guardians and teachers not to put extra pressure on students rather let them learn with sports and various cultural activities.

"Education is very important. Don't pressurise them (children) in the name of education. We now want students to learn their education through sports and various cultural activities, so he/she gets opportunity to develop their latent talent," she said.
The premier said this while addressing as the chief guest a function organized to celebrate 104th birth anniversary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the National Children's Day-2024.

This year's theme of the day is "Bangabandhu'r Swapna Dhore Anbo Hasi Sobar Ghore (Smiles to be brought to every house with implementation of the dream of Bangabandhu)."
Sheikh Hasina said her government is developing the curriculum in this way so the students can learn with sports and cultural activities.
"The children now can see the world in front of their eyes in Digital Bangladesh. So, they can learn not only by reading books but also by seeing in the class," she said.
The prime minister said, "Today's children will be the smart citizens of tomorrow's smart Bangladesh. And that is what we want."
She also urged the guardians to maintain a friendly relation with their children to keep them away from different social diseases like terrorism, militancy, drug and corruption.
"There should be a friendly relation with parents. If so, they (children) can't go astray. They (the children) must be given the lesson of honesty from their childhood to keep them away from terrorism, militancy, drug and corruption," she said.
Sheikh Hasina said the children should be engaged in extracurricular activities like sports, painting, songs, other cultural exercises and religious education alongside their academic activities.
"I would like to request guardians and teachers to pay attention so the children could be embodied with human virtues and get scope to flourish their latent talents," she said.
With the initiative of the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, the function was arranged by the district administration of Gopalganj in Tungipara.
Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's younger daughter and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's younger sister Sheikh Rehana was present.
State Minister for Women and Children Affairs Simeen Hussain (Rimi) spoke as the special guest, while its Secretary Nazma Mobarek delivered the address of welcome. On behalf of the children, Tayeba Tasneem also delivered an address of welcome.
With child Piyasa Jamil in the chair, another two children Abdur Rahman and Lamiatul Bari conducted the function. Other ceremonies were also performed by the children.
At the outset of the function, a documentary on "Bangabandhu and Child Rights" was screened.
The prime minister also distributed prizes among the winners of quiz, art, recitation, song and dance competition organized by Gopalganj district administration on the occasion of the Bangabandhu's birth anniversary and the National Children's Day-2024.
Some 104 brilliant students in Gopalganj district were given as grant a total of Taka 5,20,000 on the occasion.

Each of the students received Taka 5,000. Two selected students --Mushfika Jannati from Tungipara upazila and Arafat Sheikh from Kotalipara upazila received the money from the prime minister.

In her speech, the Prime Minister also drew the attention of the parents, teachers and all concerned to give appropriate lessons to the children so that they can become aware of the traffic laws for their movement on the road.
 “It is absolutely necessary to impart proper education about the traffic laws and roads so that they don’t fall victim to any accidents,” she added.
 Besides, children should be taught to stay clean, she said, adding, “Autistic or special children shouldn’t be mistreated by anyone, and it should be taught from an early age so that they (children) look at them with sympathetic eyes.”
She continued that children should also be taught the lesson not to waste anything.
The head of government also asked all concerned, especially parents and teachers, to teach children about the national days.
“They (children) should know that February 21 is Shaheed Dibash (Martyr’s Day) and International Mother Language Day, March 26 is our Independence Day, and December 16 is our Victory Day,” she said, adding, “Why wouldn’t they (children) know it? Why would they avoid it (if asked)? So, they have to be given this lesson properly.”
She went on saying: “We are a victorious nation, how can we forget that we made this country independent by fighting a war.”
The Prime Minister criticized the human rights bodies for exposing their double standard policy by not playing proper role in case of Israel’s attack on Palestinian children in Gaza.
 She said that now many are vocal on children rights, children education and human rights throughout the world. At the same time a double standard policy is effective, she added.
She questioned where the human rights bodies are today when bombs are hurled on the Palestinian children in Gaza, they are killed, the bomb attacks are carried out on hospitals and attacks are carried out on Palestinians.
“Where is their sense of humanity? It is my question. We don’t want war, rather want peace,” said Sheikh Hasina.
Mentioning that Bangladesh is always beside the persecuted people, she said this is why the country had given shelter to the forcibly displaced Myanmar nationals, Rohingyas, including children, on humanitarian ground.
“I don’t know why the consciousness of the world (leaders) is not shaken with such a situation of children and women in Gaza. It is my question,” she added.

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