‘Bonolota Sen’ to be Nabila’s next venture

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Published: 3/13/2024 4:15:46 AM

Actress Masuma Rahman Nabila, known for her role in the film "Aynabaji", is making headlines again. Nabila, who starred in the 2016 movie opposite Chanchal Chowdhury, is now set to appear in her next feature film. Quietly wrapping up the shooting for the film, this model and actress is now engaged in its post-production work.


The film "Bonolota Sen" is directed by Masud Hasan Ujjal, who previously directed the film "Unoponchash Batash". This marks Ujjal's second venture into directing. Reportedly, shooting for this movie featuring Nabila began at the beginning of last year. The story of the film required a meticulous approach to the transaction of seasons, hence it took eight months to complete the shooting.

The film "Bonolota Sen" has received government funding for the years 2021-22. Director Ujjal revealed, "We have done exactly what was necessary during the shooting. We did not compromise with any aspect of the story." He further added, "We did not engage in any form of compromise with the story. Therefore, it took about eight months to complete filming."

Regarding Nabila's character in "Bonolota Sen" and why she was chosen for the role, Ujjal said, "Several actors had auditioned for the character. Nabila auditioned for it too and was selected as I thought it would be possible to bring to life the character in the way I envisioned through her."

Ujjal also mentioned, "I can say this much, I did not want Nabila to portray the kind of character that people expect. I wanted to do something that is not conventional. After completing the shooting, I felt that what I envisioned was not a lie."

Nabila began her journey in the entertainment industry with hosting. She has also worked in television dramas. Utilising her experience on the small screen, she transitioned to the big screen. 

When asked about the new film, Nabila remained tight-lipped. 

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