I still don’t know why I was put in jail: Pori Moni in telltale interview

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Published: 3/12/2024 5:01:03 AM

Pori Moni recently opened up about her personal life and shared insights about her experiences in jail in a 28:37 minute interview with Anandabazar Digital, a prominent news media based in Kolkata.


The actress, who is often more discussed for her personal life than her professional career, just resumed working after a hiatus due to her new journey as a mother, discussed various aspects of her life, including her former husband, actor Shariful Islam Razz during the interview.

Pointing out to Razz's absence in their son Rajya's life, the actress said, "Since we parted ways, he (Shariful Razz) has not been present in my child's life. He never even inquired about him, and I do not think he has any interest. From the very beginning I have been taking all the responsibilities of my child and I will continue to do so in the future."

"I harbour no sentiments other than profound anger, frustration, and resentment towards him, let alone love and respect. However, he is my son's father and that is the only reason that I don't want to utter anything disparaging about him."

Pori further emphasised that she does not plan to fall in love again in the future, expressing that the love of her life is her son. Despite facing many hurdles in her life, Pori Moni said that she has also received enormous support from people. And for those of whom didn't help her, she shared that she does not hold any grudges against them.

Sharing that she is writing a book on her time in jail, the actress said, "I didn't commit any such crime, for which I deserved jail. Actually, I am not clear yet why was put into jail as punishment. However, I think I have learnt many things from my experience and that's why I am writing a book on it.

Pori Moni has suffered a lot of bullying on social media. Regarding the issue, she said, "I have received both positive and negative criticism. When I came out of jail, people supported me a lot, and it helped to cope with the challenges mentally. I don't know most of them, but they stood by me because of my work."

Though not eager to discuss the past, Pori Moni expresses her willingness to share her aspirations for the future. Referring to her personality as 'straight forward,' she believes that her innate quality of being direct has created certain problems in her life although it signifies more than meets the eye. 

"I have matured in my communication with the media and colleagues, and now I understand my audiences' likes and dislikes." She hinted that she became more thoughtful with her words.

The actress, who likes to shatter stereotypes and common perceptions about actresses, said, "Nobody likes a woman who tells the truth. Everybody wants women to be silent and compliant. They want to be in control of our conscience and opinion. Sadly if I had adhered to these rules, I would have been perceived as a proper woman but it was never my aspiration to become one."

Despite returning to work, Pori Moni has mentioned that she does not want to work excessively. She wishes to balance her work and family life, choosing to spend enough time with her son. 

The actress also expressed her desire to work in varied genres of films, hoping to showcase her acting prowess. She is soon to work in a Tollywood film.

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