‘Poran’ is my career-favourite film: Bidya Sinha Mim

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Published: 3/11/2024 1:48:51 AM

National Film Award-winning actress Bidya Sinha Saha Mim starrer blockbuster film "Poran" was released in cinemas again. Amongst the superhit and talked-about films in recent years, "Poran" stands out, as one of the most commercially successful films in 2022. Mim's performance in the film was also immensely praised by the audience.


In conversation with The Daily Star, the actress shared about the film's re-release alongside her other works and more.

How does it feel that your film is running in theatres again?

It's great news that 'Poran' is back in theatres. Those who missed the opportunity to watch the film earlier can now watch it. Everyone knows that the film is widely acclaimed. Its name has spread everywhere, and everyone has praised it. May the love of the audience for 'Poran' remain unchanged. It is a great achievement for the team as well.

How satisfied were you with portraying the role in the film?

I was extremely satisfied after working on the project. Raihan Rafi, the director, did a great job, and the entire team's efforts were clearly visible. This film is my career-favourite so far.

Recently you received the BIFA award. How did that make you feel?

Awards always inspire an artiste. Such recognition always gives me the motivation to do better in upcoming projects. I always want to be a part of good work and have been following that so far.

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Tell us something about your upcoming projects.

At this stage of my career, I want to experiment with more challenging and diverse roles. I am in talks regarding a new film and after we make an official decision, it will be announced. 

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What about your film 'Digonte Phuler Agun'?

It is expected to get a theatrical release this year. I have portrayed the role of Panna Kaiser, wife of Shahidullah Kaiser in this film. I absolutely loved this character and I believe this will add another landmark in my career.

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