Puja Chery starrer ‘Lipstick’ joins Eid release queue

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Published: 3/7/2024 5:41:36 AM

It has been almost three months since the new year and only a few Bangla movies have been released in theatres across the country, which is currently going on a dry spell. 

Due to the National Parliamentary Elections 2024 and the surge in Bollywood film releases in Bangladesh, producers were waiting for favourable time to release their films. They intend to have a window to acquire profits and the upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr seems like a perfect opportunity.

After a long hiatus, producers have lined up their films, including superstar Shakib Khan starrer "Rajkumar", Gias Uddin Selim directorial "Kajol Rekha", Shariful Razz and Bubly starrer "Deyaler Desh", "Omor", "Neel Chakro", Jaaz Multimedia's "Jinn 2" and many more, for simultaneous release during the holidays of Eid across the country.

Now, popular actress Puja Chery starrer film, "Lipstick" has also joined the queue of new Eid movies awaiting release during Eid, confirmed the film's director, Kamruzzaman Noman.

Regarding the film, Puja Chery, who began her career with the 2012 film "Bhalobasar Rong" as a child artiste, said, "Eid has always been an auspicious time for me as I try to release at least one film during the holiday festivities."

"Last year, my film, 'Jinn' was released during Eid and it did great at the box office. This year 'Lipstick' is going to be released and I believe the audiences will love it too," the actress stated.

Puja Chery made her debut as a leading lady with the film "Noor Jahaan" in 2018. The Indo-Bangla joint production film was directed by Abhimanyu Mukherjee. It was jointly produced by Raj Chakraborty of India and Jaaz Multimedia of Bangladesh.

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