Pran-RFL Group Chairman Ahsan Khan Chowdhury has met Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and sought gas connection for the firm’s planned industrial park

Pran-RFL to set up another industrial park in Natore

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Published: 3/7/2024 5:37:52 AM

Pran-RFL Group, a leading conglomerate of the country, plans to establish another industrial park in Natore.


The Group, founded in 1981 by Amjad Khan Chowdhury, is known for its diversified business portfolio, including food and beverage, plastic products, and agricultural machinery.

Now the Group plans to set up noodle, spice, mustard oil, and fish processing plants at the planned Natore industrial park, which, it hopes, will create an additional 1,000 jobs.

Kamruzzaman Kamal, director of marketing at Pran-RFL Group, made the announcement at a press conference held in Natore yesterday to mark the 24th anniversary of the establishment of the Group's industrial park in the district — Pran Agro Limited.

He said Pran-RFL Group Chairman Ahsan Khan Chowdhury has already met Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to discuss the establishment of another industrial park in Natore.

During the meeting the Pran-RFL Group chairman urged the prime minister to provide gas connections to industrial factories in Natore to facilitate the project, Kamruzzaman Kamal said. "If gas connections are available, the project can be implemented within the next three years."

The current industrial park has no gas connection. "The Group will go for the establishment of the new industrial park even if the gas connection is not ensured. But that might delay the process," he said.

The Pran-RFL Group director said that currently around 13,000 contractual farmers in Natore produce mangoes, tomatoes, pulses, nuts, chilies, and milk for the Group. In the future, Pran plans to bring more products, including sugar, rice, turmeric, and cassava under contractual farming, he said, adding that it will add another 5,000 contractual farmers to Pran's network in the district.

Pran's industrial park in Natore was established in 2000. Over the two decades of Pran-RFL Group's journey, the economic and social conditions of the area have undergone significant changes, said Kamruzzaman. "So far, the conglomerate has invested around Tk1,500 crore in Natore. During that time, around 22,000 people in the district have become directly and indirectly dependent on Pran Agro Limited for their livelihood."

They are involved in various activities, including product manufacturing, seasonal activities and product supply, he added.

The products manufactured at Pran Agro Limited's industrial park include spices, mustard oil, vermicelli, sauces and ketchups, jellies, pickles, chutneys, noodles, mayonnaise, chocolates and various types of chips, Pran-RFL Group director said.

Farmers facilitated

Pran not only produces goods in the district but a large portion of the raw materials needed for Pran Group's agricultural processed food production is collected from Natore and neighbouring districts, thereby facilitating farmers, Kamruzzaman said. In Natore, Pran purchased agricultural products worth approximately Tk1,500 crore from contractual farmers in fiscal year 2022-2023, he said.

There is a huge demand for Pran-RFL Group's products in the country and they are currently being regularly exported to 145 countries around the world, Kamruzzaman said.

"As demand for our products continues to grow, we are increasing our production capacity at our factories from time to time. If we get gas connections in Natore, the path to investment will be smoother.

"We plan to further expand our business in Natore and purchase even more raw materials from farmers."

Kamruzzaman said that just as Pran-RFL's overall operations in Natore have led to a change in economic and social conditions, the Group is also paying a huge amount of revenue to the government every year, which is accelerating the country's economic development.

Hazrat Ali, general manager of Pran Agro Limited, said the Group in the region is not only involved in product manufacturing, marketing, job creation, or buying products from contract farmers but is also conducting various activities as part of its social responsibility.

"Pran-RFL is involved in various activities, including road construction, providing scholarships to school and college students, providing assistance to religious institutions, and tree plantation in the areas adjacent to the industrial park. In addition, there is a plan to start a public school here very soon," he said.

Hazrat Ali added that to ensure that the people of the area can get quality medical care at a low cost, the Pran-RFL Group started the 50-bed Amjad Khan Chowdhury Memorial Hospital in Natore in 2016. In addition, the Group started Amjad Khan Chowdhury Nursing College in 2022 to contribute more to the health sector in Natore, he said.

The Pran-RFL Group chairman earlier said the conglomerate has a target of exporting $1 billion worth of products by 2025 and $2 billion by 2030.  ***

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