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This autumn, fall in love with a healthy lifestyle

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Published: 18:34, 5 October 2021  
This autumn, fall in love with a healthy lifestyle

In the fall, days are shorter and the first frosts appear. Leaves turn from green to red, orange, yellow and brown before falling from the trees. The weather during is usually rainy, and you can expect the first snow in November. So what does this mean for your physical activity schedule?

Fall can be a treat for the senses: the crisp air, apple picking, pumpkin carving, a gorgeous canopy of foliage and the crunch of leaves underfoot. These months are a great time to exercise outdoors and enjoy cooler temperatures.

Fall fitness tips for good Health

No matter your age or fitness level, fall fitness tips include a pointer or two to help you stay active during the autumn months.

• Take a walk: 30 minutes of walking every day is excellent for your heart and your waistline. (

• Take a hike: Burn some calories while checking out the fall colors. (

• Tackle some yard work: Raking leaves is a great calorie-burner.

• Learn a new sport or hobby: Take golf lessons or try cross country skiing. Explore archery or rock climbing. Try bird watching while you walk the Greenbelt. Just remember, the sky is the limit.

• Water intake: If you do nothing else, drink water. And drink a lot of it. This is one of the most straightforward tips to help you stay on track. Drinking 8 to 12 ounces before your meal is a good start.

• Mindset: This is probably one of the most challenging tips to help you stay on track, but it’s also the most important one. It is OK to indulge. In fact, to some extent, I think you have to because restriction is the enemy of consistency. But ask yourself when you’re going for that extra snack, is it worth it? Are you hungry? Or is snacking just a habit? Just remember to stick with it. Most people quit new activities within 30 days. Be an exception, not a statistic!

Staying on track in the fall is hard. It gets cold and darker soon.

Just remember this fun tip and enjoy yourself. Life is meant to be lived. Delicious food is intended to be eaten, and fun times are meant to be had. Don’t let yourself live the all-or-nothing lifestyle. You can still crush your fitness goals and have pizza and wine. It just requires balance, mindfulness, and a whole lot of practice. If you don’t stick to a single one of these tips, don’t dwell on it for too long. Guilt doesn’t serve you. Regret does not change a thing. Get up and get back at it. That’s the kind of true consistency that makes change.

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