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Offensive content traps on social media!

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Published: 22:01, 17 October 2020   Update: 22:01, 17 October 2020
Offensive content traps on social media!

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Various types of offensive content are being promoted on social media. As a result of which the social values ​​are being eroded, many people especially young generations, including children and adolescents are getting involved in various criminal activities.

Now everything is available through social media or at least through the internet. These media are capable of placing all kinds of commercial promotions, including overnight stardom and cash. On the contrary, in the name of entertainment, all the pornographic videos and content that are provocative and offensive are going on. According to analysts, the worst source of income for a group is the country's youth, including children and adolescents. And everyone is stepping into this trap without understanding anything.

Media content analysts say the money-making videos focus on crime, conflict, drugs, and sex. And this is why these online posset forms are rapidly gaining popularity. Nowadays, besides YouTube, nude-half-naked and even 3 to 4-minute porn video clips are running on websites like Imo, TikTok, Likey, Snapchat, and Facebook. Also, many people learn the process by watching the content and are involved in various criminal activities in the greed of easy income. These analysts think that it is one of the examples of juvenile gang culture in the country.

Family members get embarrassed about when younger watch such content. Out of curiosity, in the absence of older members, or adults, children might view the content and be encouraged to engage in immoral activities.

In the world’s most popular social media Facebook, a special facility to upload and watch videos has been available since 2017. As usual, there is a festival of unofficial and purposeful offensive content in the name of web series including porn clips.

Facebook users say that since the launch of the video facility, they have been spending more time in the platform in watching videos than social media activities. Adults, even children, including college-university students, who do not have a Facebook ID, are also watching these videos from the mobiles of family’s adult members. And in this video option, songs, movies, murders, hijackings and porn all come to the screen. Apparently, you are not interested, but all such content will come. Analysts fear the deterioration of social values ​​at all levels due to the content of this popular medium.

Meanwhile, for several years now, alternative, i.e. social media has been in discussion dominating the mainstream media for several years last. With an investment of thousands of crores of takas, while the country's mainstream media is suffering from a shortage of viewers and readers, one or two minutes of content from a medium like Facebook or YouTube is being watched by millions of viewers. At the end of the day, the issue of going viral through these media is making headlines in the mainstream media.

Dhaka University Professor of Mass Communication and Journalism Dr. Abul Mansur Ahmed thinks that these mediums have a big role in both the success and decline of the youth at present. In addition, the individual's freedom to use social media has completely changed all the commercial accounts of the media. Now only one person has taken the form of 'mass media'. Although these individuals have opened new horizons of freedom of expression and thought as a controlled medium, the negative side has become apparent as there is no obligation of responsibility and accountability.

At the end of the day, what we will discuss is directly and indirectly determined by the social media. Dr. Abul Mansur Ahmed also added that these media have the power to determine the direction of personal thought.

In the context of the rise in social crime, Salauddin Shuvro, a science writer and the online head of the Daily Desh Rupantor, thinks that at present there is no system with which anything can be kept confined. So shutting down strict policies or web sites will not solve anything but will go against it. It is true that teenagers are more affected by these means.

He said that as a result of using these mediums, both boys and girls suffer from frustration with their physical constitution, while someone else at his level presents himself as more appealing than him/her. And with all this, a kind of competitive mentality is created among them (teenagers). Which is the source of their immoral activities. In addition, the country's policymakers are ashamed of sex education. So curiosity of teenagers are trapping them into these content.

According to this author, (you and I) we have to fight against such content with content. There is absolutely nothing creative and quality through all types including online which can increase people's interest. In this case, the life philosophy and practice of the adults in the family plays a very important role. Because in most cases, children imitate their parents. But most parents are now addicted to social media.

A team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania recently found evidence of the negative effects and reactions of social media content on the minds of children and adolescents. The researchers also asked Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to shut down the children's messaging app called Messenger Kids.

Researchers fear that if children and adolescents are not careful about their use of online platforms, social crime will increase. They say it is important for people under the age of 18 to stop using these media. Because various offensive content through social media is bringing all the unusual changes in the mentality of teenagers. As a result, both boys and girls have excessive adrenal insufficiency, including abnormal changes in body language. Which is inducing them into dangerous activities.

Bangladesh Medical College mental health specialist Dr. Sauvik Mandal said he has found many patients between the ages of 14 and 20 who have cut their limbs and other parts of the body with sharp objects. Not only that, many of them also tried to commit suicide. These patients are usually treated with antidepressants. But after talking to them, he saw that they were doing so with a negative impact on mental health due to excessive use of social media.

In 2017, the Royal Society of Public Health conducted a survey of 1,500 adolescents between the ages of 11 and 15. As it turns out, Snapchat and Instagram are causing them the most inferiority complex and anxiety. 7 out of 10 people said they are dissatisfied with their own bodies because of Instagram. Half of 14- to 15-year-olds say Facebook has increased their anxiety. Two-thirds of Facebook users has an increased tendency to commit cybercrime.

Of course, many experts have emphasized on sex education. They think that giving proper sex education, especially in the family, will save a lot of young people from this risk. Already, many countries have imposed restrictions on such apps, including Snapchat, IMO, and TikTok.