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1st ‘Radio Burst’ marked in galaxy

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Published: 19:30, 5 November 2020  
1st ‘Radio Burst’ marked in galaxy

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This is the first time a radio explosion has been seen inside our Milky Way galaxy. The average amount of energy that comes out of our sun in a month is about the same amount of energy that comes out of that radio explosion. In a fraction of a thousandth of a second.

All of the strange radio explosions that have occurred in our telescopes in the last 13 years have been seen outside our galaxy. In other galaxies. Some even call this kind of explosion 'alien light'.

But such a powerful radio explosion has never been seen in our galaxy before. The explosion occurred 32,000 light-years from Earth. The study was published in the international science journal Nature.

In astronomical terms, these explosions are called ' Fast Radio Burst (FRB) ' . This phenomenon was first noticed in our galaxy on April 26. In two different telescopes. X-rays and radio radiation were seen coming out at the same time in this radio explosion. Since these explosions happen in a very short time, it is possible to see them by chance.

NASA said in a statement that the X-rays emitted from the explosion in our galaxy were captured by various satellites in Earth's orbit. One of them is NASA's 'Wind Mission' satellite. The radiation from the explosion was captured by a powerful radio telescope called the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CIME) at the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory in British Columbia.

The researchers said that the explosion in our galaxy was caused by a magnet. In fact, it is the most powerful magnetic field in the universe.