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Pakistan’s Imran Khan warns of ‘civil war’ in Afghanistan

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Published: 18:57, 22 September 2021   Update: 20:35, 22 September 2021
Pakistan’s Imran Khan warns of ‘civil war’ in Afghanistan

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned of the risk of a “civil war” in Afghanistan if the Taliban is unable to form an inclusive government there.

“If they do not have an inclusive government, and gradually it descends into a civil war, which if they do not include all the factions sooner or later [will happen], that too will impact Pakistan,” Khan told the BBC network during an interview aired on Tuesday.

Khan said his country was primarily concerned about the possibility of a humanitarian and refugee crisis if a civil war breaks out, as well as the possibility of Afghan soil being used by armed groups that are fighting the Pakistani government.

“It will mean an unstable, a chaotic Afghanistan,” he said.

Khan’s government has repeatedly called for the world to engage with the Taliban’s interim government to stave off the possibility of a collapse of Afghan structures, in the absence of central bank funds.Khan said Pakistan would push the Taliban to form a politically and ethnically inclusive government, “because there will not be any long term sustainable peace or stability unless all the factions, all the ethnic groups, are represented”.Aljazeera


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