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Merkel`s parliament session video viral

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Published: 18:59, 21 February 2021   Update: 19:19, 21 February 2021
Merkel`s parliament session video viral

While addressing a parliament session on Friday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel panicked as she realized that she had forgotten her face mask on the podium and rushed to get it.

A video of the moment has gone viral on social media after Reuters tweeted it on February 20.

As Angela Merkel set her files on the table, she realized that she had forgotten her mask on the podium. She was visibly alarmed as she realized that her mask wasn't with her on the table - an expression that the short clip has captured.

Immediately, she rushed to the podium to get her mask as the woman sanitizing it, handed it over to Angela Merkel. "Angela Merkel panics as she forgets her face mask on the lectern after a speech," Reuters said in the caption of her post.

The video has gone viral with over one million views and netizens shared their reactions in the comments section.


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