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Bride`s hysterically laughing viral video: Real story behind

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Published: 19:34, 10 February 2021   Update: 19:36, 10 February 2021
Bride`s hysterically laughing viral video: Real story behind

A video that has gone viral online shows a groom smacking a photographer during a wedding photoshoot - sending the bride into fits of hysterical laughter. Shared on Twitter last week, the 45-second clip has been viewed almost a million times and has left people in splits - but how much of this video is real and how much is staged? Read on to find out.

The video begins innocently enough with the bride and groom posing onstage as a photographer clicks away. Trouble begins with the bride's solo photoshoot. After taking a couple of pics, the photographer appears to touch the bride's face in order to adjust the angle. This seems to upset the groom, who was seen smacking the photographer and asking him to get off the stage.

Although the photographer appears to be unfazed by the angry groom, the bride was seen dissolving into giggles at this turn of events. She was filmed falling down on the floor, laughing hysterically, as her groom walked off.

The video was shared on Twitter by Renuka Mohan, who wrote: "I just love this bride." Since being posted on the microblogging platform, the footage has racked up over 9 lakh views and nearly 16,000 'retweets'.

In the comments section, Ms Mohan clarified that she did not know whether the video is real or whether the bride played a prank on her groom. However, the mystery was cleared up when the 'bride' herself responded to the viral video - revealing that the clip is actually part of a film shoot.

"Ye meri movie shoot ke time ki video hai (This is a video from my movie shoot)," wrote Chhattisgarh actress Anikriti Chowhan in the comments section. She also revealed that the video was recorded during the shooting of a movie called 'Darling Pyaar Jhukta Nahi' and thanked Ms Mohan for sharing it and helping it go viral.

Chowhan responded to many of the congratulatory messages she received, clarifying that she did not actually get married and that the whole video was part of the shoot.



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