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Myanmar agrees to take back Rohingya without delay: China

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Published: 16:22, 23 October 2020  
Myanmar agrees to take back Rohingya without delay: China

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Myanmar recently assured china of taking back Rohingyas who are temporarily sheltered in Bangladesh very soon, expressed Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in phone talk with Bangladeshi foreign minister Dr. AK Abdul Momen.

Besides, Bangladesh, Myanmar and China are planning to hold Foreign Minister-level tripartite talks after Myanmar's national election in November to begin the repatriation of Rohingyas without any delay.

China made their position clear three days after the US deputy secretary of state E. Biegun’s comments on China’s contribution over Rohingya issue.

The Chinese Foreign Minister had a telephonic conversation with his Bangladesh counterpart Dr AK Abdul Momen on Thursday evening and conveyed Myanmar's position to Bangladesh, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reports UNB. 

It was also reported that, before the Foreign Minister-level tripartite talks, senior officials can hold a preparatory meeting on Rohingya repatriation in Dhaka, said the Chinese Foreign Minister.

Myanmar assured China of working towards Rohingya repatriation once the Covid-19 situation improves, he said.

Wang Yi said China has been maintaining regular communication with Myanmar over the Rohingya repatriation issue. 

The Chinese Foreign Minister also said Myanmar assured China that they will soon start discussion with Bangladesh over Rohingya repatriation. 

The United States said China has done "very little" to help resolve the Rohingya issue.

"We hope that we see the same level of generosity and the same level of clarity in messages to the government of Myanmar from other partners or other nations in the Indo-Pacific, particularly China, who unfortunately has done very little to help resolve the Rohingya issue and for whom much more should be expected, considering the proximity," said US Deputy Secretary of State Stephen E BBiegun in a telephonic briefing from Washington recently. 

Earlier, Bangladesh made it clear that it wants Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi to be present at a tripartite meeting to discuss Rohingya repatriation issues.