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High-Command legislative meeting on India-China issues

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Published: 20:42, 21 October 2020   Update: 20:48, 21 October 2020
High-Command legislative meeting on India-China issues

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The Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs has held a closed-door meeting on the challenge of developing bilateral relations with neighboring countries including India and China. The meeting was held at the Parliament House on Wednesday (October 21).

The committee meeting began on Wednesday afternoon and the first general discussion on the agenda was held. Only the committee members attended the closed-door meeting.

In the previous meeting of the Committee, the sudden visit of the Indian Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla was in the discussion. Then the decision of the closed-door meeting on relations with neighboring countries including India was adopted.

Asked about this, the committee president Faruk Khan told media, "Since it was our closed-door meeting, I don't want to tell the media about the decision or recommendation. We discussed relations with neighboring countries including India and China. You can say that we have a discussion on interest issues. '

Meanwhile, the Parliamentary Committee has advised the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be always careful about its benefits and facilities, noting that there are about 6 and a half lakh women workers of Bangladesh working in different countries around the world. It was also suggested that the decision for women workers to return to the country should not be taken up due to several incidents.

Faruq Khan said, "Many of our women workers are in exile now. We have asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to coordinate with the Ministry of Overseas Welfare to take action. I told them to be alert. '

The meeting said that due to the ongoing epidemic, the Foreign Ministry has arranged for the return of migrant workers on special flights, extending the validity of expired visas, Akama, etc. through productive diplomatic contacts with the host countries. 2,560 stranded Bangladeshis have been deported from Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, France, Greece, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Faruq Khan said about the problem of deportation of migrant workers in Saudi Arabia. In some cases, the employee's own company has been shut down due to the corona. That's why they can't bear their staff. But this number is not very high. '

The meeting also informed that despite the presence of multiple ministry officials on Bangladeshi missions abroad, the challenges posed by the Covid epidemic are being successfully addressed because of the collective effort on the basis of the culture of "one country one mission".

In the meeting, the ministry also said that it is also recommended how to keep the wheels of the economy run in harmony with the coronavirus-infected environment. Therefore, the focus is on exporting products made in Bangladesh to strengthen economic diplomacy by keeping in touch with the world. The meeting focused on implementing the mission of Bangladesh abroad by taking a plan to inform Bangladesh and formulate a roadmap in that light.

At the meeting, newly appointed ambassadors to the Bangladeshi mission in Canada and Indonesia presented a line of work on their affairs in the country.

At this time, the committee recommended that The Indonesian Ambassador, Air Vice Marshal Mostafazur Rahman, work on behalf of Bangladesh to support Bangladesh on the Rohingya issue.

The meeting presided over by Muhammad Faruq Khan was presented by the Foreign Minister A.K. Abdul Momen, State Minister for Foreign  Affairs, Md. Shahriar Alam, Noorul Islam Nahid, Ghulam Faruq Khandak Prince, Md. Abdul Majid Khan and Md. Habib, Millat.