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TCB begins potato sell today

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Published: 10:35, 21 October 2020   Update: 10:49, 21 October 2020
TCB begins potato sell today

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The Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) has started selling potatoes through truck sales at different selected places in the capital Dhaka from today (Wednesday).

This information has been given in a press release sent by the Ministry of Commerce on Tuesday (October 20).

According to the notification, a person can buy a maximum of two kg of potatoes at a price of Tk 25. At the same time, TCB will sell onions, edible oil, sugar, lentils at affordable prices.

The government on Tuesday has fixed the price of potato at Tk 35 per kg in the retail market and Tk 30 per kg at the wholesale level.

The Department of Agriculture Marketing under the Agriculture Ministry fixed the price.

It recommended the revised price at a views exchange meeting on Tuesday to make the potato market stable.

Representatives from the Commerce Ministry, Bangladesh Trade and Tariff Commission and Directorate of National Consumer Rights and Protection were present there.

Meanwhile, the government also fixed the price of cold storage potato at Tk 27 per kg.

The Department of Agriculture Marketing also requested the deputy commissioners concerned for taking necessary steps through strong monitoring and vigilance.

Earlier, the government fixed the price of potato at Tk 30 at retail, Tk 25 at wholesale and Tk 23 at cold storage level following the skyrocketing price of potato.