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Country’s 1st death sentence in rape case

Tangail Correspondent || shiningbd

Published: 12:29, 15 October 2020   Update: 12:54, 15 October 2020
Country’s 1st death sentence in rape case


A Tangail court has sentenced five people to death in a case of gang-rape of a madrasa student in Tangail.

The Women and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal in Tangail has sentenced five people to death in a case over gang-rape after abducting a madrasa student at Chhabbisha village in Tangail's Bhunapur.

The verdict was announced by the tribunal's judge Khaleda Yasmin on Thursday afternoon.

Two accused were present in the court when the verdict was announced. They are Sanjit, 26, son of Badan Chandra Mani Rishi of Charaljani village in Madhupur upazila, and Gopi Chandra Shil, 30, son of Shri Digen Chandra Sheel of Golabari village in the same upazila. The fugitives are Sagar Chandra Shil, 33, son of Sunil Chandra Shil of the same area, Sujan Mani Rishi, 26, son of Sunil Mani Rishi and Rajan Chandra, 26, son of Manindra Chandra. The case was handled on behalf of the state by Nasimul Akhtar, Special PP of the Women and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal. Advocate Ataur Rahman Azad, general secretary of the Tangail district branch of the Human Rights Implementation Agency, started the case and provided legal assistance to the victim.

Nasimul Akhter, special PP of the Women and Child Abuse Suppression Tribunal, said the madrasa student from Chhabbisha village in Bhuapur upazila got acquainted with Sagar Chandra Sheel on his mobile phone among the convicts in 2012. On the morning of January 15 of the same year, the girl was on her way to the madrasa from home when she reached the Shaldai Bridge and was taken to Elenga in a CNG tactically by accused Sagar.

From there he went to his friend Rajan's house in Charal Jani village in Madhupur. There, four of his friends pressured the student to get married. The girl rejected his offer saying Sagar was a Hindu. For this reason, Sagar kept her detained at Rajan's house that night and raped. Later, on the night of January 18, they took her to the banks of the Bangshai River, where they raped her in turns. The next morning, with the help of the locals, the girl was rescued by her relatives. The student filed a case against the convicts with Bhuapur police station on January 18. Later, the police arrested Sujan Mani Rishi and sent him to court.

On January 19, accused Sujan gave a confessional statement. Sujan admitted in her statement that Sagar, Rajan, Sanjit and Gobi Chandra were involved.

Police filed charges against the five after investigation. Judicial proceedings began on October 29, 2015, with the formation of charges against the accused. The court sentenced five people to death in the case today.