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‘Begum Para’ in Canada: Safe home for Bangladeshi smugglers

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Published: 03:18, 22 November 2020  
‘Begum Para’ in Canada: Safe home for Bangladeshi smugglers

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‘Begum Para’ is the well-known name of some Bangladeshi colonies in Canada where wives of Bangladeshi extra-opulent people live the lavish-luxury life with the illegal money sent by their husbands living in the motherland. Tired of earning in the country, these gentlemen actually went to the Begum in Canada to retire. And that is why these places have been named Begum Para.

It is now an open secret that many Bangladeshis settled in Begum Para, Canada by smuggling billions of Bangladeshi takas. Even many government bureaucrats have owned houses in Begum Para.

Recently, Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen said that many government officials also have houses there. Their sons and daughters live there.

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) also has this information. ACC Commissioner (Investigation) Mozammel Haque said they have been hearing the allegations for a long time. However, they do not have the exact number of houses there.

He said no one has accurate statistics on the number of houses there. This is still a myth. However, the allegations are being investigated. I will be able to tell the exact number when the matter is revealed.

There are many more such Begum neighborhoods in Canada. There are allegations that the fugitive PK Haldar has also settled in Begum Para after smuggling Tk 3600 crore.

Local Bangladeshis call an area of ​​Toronto 'Begum Para'.

According to their commentary, the Mughal Begums would also become enraged if they saw the comfort of these Bangladeshi 'Begums'. Their apartments are full of luxuries. Their children study in the best educational institutions in that country. The only job of the 'begum' is to take care of the children and to 'relax'. There are many such 'Begum Paras' all over Canada.

Abroad, they have made this 'second home' in the investor quota. The cost is not high; Canada will grant you citizenship only if you deposit CAD (C$) 150,000, i.e. Tk 1 crore and 10 lakh in Bangladeshi currency. Begums also had to pay this amount. In return, they got a 'safe house abroad'.

When you want comfort, when you want to flee the country in the day of danger; then this house will wait with 'Begum Saheba' with all the facilities and security. You don't have to carry it; you just have to carry the citizenship card bought for C$ 150,000. This card will protect them from the 'calamities of the motherland'.

According to the US-based organization Tax Justice Network, between 1976 and 2010, Tk 1,97,600 crore was smuggled out of Bangladesh.

According to UNDP, until 2013, Bangladesh was at the top of the world in illegal capital smuggling. They also say that black money is the driver of 35.29 percent of the country's economy.