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Ways to stay shielded from Coronavirus

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Published: 18:37, 26 October 2020   Update: 18:39, 26 October 2020
Ways to stay shielded from Coronavirus

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As the world figures out how to come out of lockdown safely, the world as we know it has changed. The new normal has new rules and definitions of hygiene and personal safety. With the festive season just around the corner, here are a few ways we can reduce risk, stay safe and make the most of Unlock 5.0.

1. Carry a pocket UV light sanitizer and wear a mask.

Wearing a mask is a no-brainer. Keep it fixed in place to ensure you protect both yourself and your neighbors and friends. In fact, we’d go so far as to say you should never leave home without it. Relatively inexpensive and effective, there are several pocket sanitizers on the market that can save you a lot of worry and stress when it comes to handling packages or touching surfaces outdoors.

2. Keep a no-contact Infrared thermometer ready

As more and more people return to work, our ability to control who we come into contact with becomes increasingly tricky. Besides insisting on masks and hand washing, an infrared thermometer could be an invaluable precautionary measure you can undertake for anyone entering your home. A fever above 100.0 degrees can be a reliable indicator of the body trying to fight off an infection. Given the infectiousness of this pandemic, this is an easy to use tool to decide if you should permit or deny entry into your office, home, building or any other private spaces.

3. Paint the walls of your home with Asian Paint’s Royale Health Shield.

While we are all aware of the dangers of contracting the infection outdoors, did you know that the Coronavirus can stay on the walls of your home too? While sanitizing all your walls regularly isn’t practical or achievable, having your walls painted with a revolutionary indoor anti-bacterial paint is a great idea. A GOI certified lab study confirms that Asian Paint’s Royale Health Shield is India’s first paint that is effective even against Covid-19.

Easy to apply, and with a beautiful finish, this revolutionary product ensures you have walls that are bacteria-free. Stunning enough to be the backdrop for all your festive celebrations, now you have every reason to get that stress-free festive update you’ve been waiting for, right away.


4. Get online for some virtual fun.

As the days get colder, it might get more challenging to figure out how to do activities without risking your health. Yet avoiding the 3 C’s – crowded, closed, and close contact is more critical now than ever. Simple things like sneezing, singing, talking, and laughing, can launch minuscule respiratory droplets into the air. While staying at least six feet away is a good practice, it doesn’t work as effectively indoors where there is no proper airflow and cross ventilation.

Instead of risking a trip to a restaurant, mall or fitness center, get online for a game, or a dinner party instead. Enjoy browsing your favorite e-shopping sites or even try an online Zumba class where you can come together safely.

5. Clean surfaces, appliances and vents.

Besides disinfecting all the surfaces in your home including laptops, phones and countertops, remember to clean out vacuum cleaner bags and air purifier filters, air conditioning vents and wash grocery shopping bags regularly. Maintaining a high level of hygiene inside your home and remembering to wash your hands every time you walk in from outside is one of the best ways to ensure you keep the virus out and keep your family safe.

These are only some of the ways we can ensure everyone’s safety and go back to having homes full of people and laughter again. Stay safe and healthy!