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Miami International Airport to use sniffing dogs to detect Corona

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Published: 21:04, 22 September 2021  
Miami International Airport to use sniffing dogs to detect Corona

Miami has become the first city in the US to use COVID-19-sniffing dogs at its international airport. The airport authorities will be deploying a pair of trained dogs as part of a month-long pilot program. These two dogs will be a Belgian Malinois named Cobra and a Dutch shepherd named One Betta!

As per Miami International Airport, the dogs are trained to sniff out organic compounds excreted by breath and sweat. This creates a smell the dogs can detect and if the dogs detect odor of the virus in a passenger, he/she will be directed to get a rapid COVID-19 test. The airport authorities said that these two dogs will be deployed at an employee security checkpoint.

Daniella Levine Cava, the mayor of Miami-Dade County, said, "This pandemic has pushed us to innovate to stop the spread. Calling it "thinking outside the box", the mayor said the step is necessary.

The dogs were trained by the Global Forensic and Justice Center at Florida International University and have received hundreds of sessions to achieve accuracy rates from 96 to 99 percent.

Dr. Kenneth G. Furton, the FIU provost and a professor of chemistry and biochemistry, said, "Being able to apply decades of research in this way, to provide an additional layer of protection to airport employees at Miami International Airport, it's humbling. These dogs are another valuable tool we can leverage to help us live with this ongoing pandemic."

Apparently, Miami is not the world’s first airport to make use of dogs to sniff the virus. Last year, the Dubai International Airport also deployed dogs to test passengers. Then, Helsinki Airport also used dogs for detecting potential COVID patient. India Times 


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