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UAE terms Palestinian ungrateful nation

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Published: 15:47, 15 October 2020   Update: 16:26, 15 October 2020
UAE terms Palestinian ungrateful nation

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has come under fire from the Palestinians after reaching an agreement to normalize relations with Israel. In response, the UAE called Palestine an "ungrateful nation."

The Palestinian ambassador to France, Salman al-Harfi, said: "The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have become more Israeli than Israel. They are violating the UN Charter.

He made this fiery remarks in an interview with a French Daily.

"I am not at all surprised by the remarks and criticism of the Palestinian ambassador, because they are an ungrateful nation," UAE Deputy Foreign Minister Anwar Gargash wrote in a tweet following the remarks by Ambassador Salman al-Harfi.

"He was not at all surprised by the UAE's normalization of relations with Israel because the UAE had long since abandoned the Palestinians and they had been maintaining secret relations with Israel. "What's new is establishing a public relations and I thank them for revealing their true selves," Salman al-Harfi added.

Criticizing the UAE, al-Harfi made it clear that the UAE ruler had surrendered to Israel without a fight. The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have violated the Arab League and UN Charter by establishing relations with Zionist Israel.

The Palestinian ambassador said that in fact the UAE was never in favor of Palestine but that they had seized assets in Palestine in 1975. Salman al-Harfi criticized the UAE rulers, saying Prince Zayed al-Nahyan was acting like a dictator and trying to establish himself but was actually playing with fire.