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US witness record daily infections for 12th day in a row

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Published: 18:44, 23 November 2020  
US witness record daily infections for 12th day in a row

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Even before November is over, the country has seen more COVID-19 cases than any other month during the pandemic: Between November 1 and 22, over 3 million new cases of coronavirus were recorded, as per data from Johns Hopkins University.

In 44 American states, the percentage of positive COVID-19 is way above the 5 percent threshold. With this surge, hospitalizations and the pressure on healthcare have surged rapidly.

In the ongoing month of November, the US recorded the highest number of hospitalizations related to COVID-19. This has increased the stress on American healthcare and has threatened to deprive others of care.

On Saturday alone, 83,227 people diagnosed with COVID-19 were hospitalized in the country, based on numbers by the Covid Tracking Project.

For the 12th day in a row, the US has broken the record for COVID-19 hospitalizations.

According to CNN, 24 hospital chiefs have warned the American Hospital Association that they’re facing staffing problems.

According to experts, the number is expected to climb further, as the holiday season sinks in the country, with Thanksgiving around the corner.

Dr. Megan Ranney said told CNN that even if 1 percent of the 50 million people expected to travel for Thanksgiving transmit or contract the virus, it would amount to over 500,000 cases in the country.

So far, 12.2 million people in the US have contracted COVID-19, with 256,000 deaths across the country.