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How to send the same message to multiple contacts on WhatsApp

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Published: 15:33, 2 November 2021  
How to send the same message to multiple contacts on WhatsApp

Often, when sending a message on whatsapp, you'll want to repeat it and send the exact same information to other contacts. There are various ways to do this quickly and efficiently and we'll outline three of them right here.

Method one: Forwarding messages on WhatsApp

One way to send a message to multiple people is to firstly craft and send the message to one person. Then, in that chat, press and hold the bubble with your message and select the 'Forward' option. There, you can forward the message on to up to five more contacts.

The contacts who receive the forwarded version will, however, be able to tell that the message has been forwarded. So, this method should be avoided when you don't want them to know that.

This method can also be quite messy and complicated when trying to forward multiple different pieces of text at once.

Method two: Use a broadcast list to send the same message to multiple WhatsApp contacts

A broadcast list is a smart and efficient way to message multiple people at the same time. These are saved lists of recipients and you can send a message to everyone on that list. Unlike in WhatsApp group chats, each person on the list won't be able to see that the others have been sent the same information.

To create a broadcast list, you should click on 'More Options' and then 'New Broadcast' when on WhatsApp. From there, you select the recipients you wish to add.

This is most useful if there is a certain group of people you tend to message at the same time about the same things. It is also possible to edit a broadcast list, in case there is a time when the message is meant for a similar but slightly different group.

Method three: Copy and paste on WhatsApp Web

This isn't a fancy solution, but it is one of the simplest ways of messaging many different people quickly. It's the copy and paste method.

To make this quicker, you can access WhatsApp Web on the desktop and quickly copy and paste a message into one chat after another, much quicker than if on a mobile phone.

With this method, one advantage is that you can customise the message text a little each time if you wish, making your messages that little bit more personal than with a send-all-esque message or a forwarded one.



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