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Masaba Gupta on benefits of drinking Safed Petha or Melon Juice

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Published: 16:18, 18 January 2022  
Masaba Gupta on benefits of drinking Safed Petha or Melon Juice

Fashion designer and actor Masaba Gupta is the newest celebrity to join the wellness brigade, and she has great gems from her personal routine to share with fans. The star has been sharing wellness tips for living a healthy and fit lifestyle. Today, she took to Instagram stories to talk about the importance of drinking Safed (white) Petha juice, also known as Winter Melon or Ash Gourd, on an empty stomach.

Masaba Gupta, daughter of actor Neena Gupta, kickstarted a series called 'Masaba Swears By', in which she has been sharing wellness tips with netizens. On Tuesday, she shared a new post talking about the importance of drinking Winter Melon Juice. She also mentioned that instead of chasing weight loss, we should work to achieve an alkaline body type, promoted by Ayurveda.

The 33-year-old posted a picture of the Winter Melon juice that she drinks to break her fast in the morning and begin the day. Sharing the image, she wrote, "#masabaswearsby I keep asking myself this - are we uselessly chasing weight loss, when we should actually be chasing an alkaline body? Ayurveda really pushes you to have an alkaline system. And it does wonders. As does this Safed Petha (Winter Melon, Ash Gourd) juice on an empty stomach."

Masaba also listed the advantages of having the Petha juice on an empty stomach and added, "I'm a pitta type and I break my fast with it now. And the benefits are endless - Diuretic + helps relieve sciatica pain + cleans the small & large intestine + anti ageing + cools the body and many more. Drink as is or with a pinch of black jaggery or salt. See if it works."

What is the Alkaline Body?

Having an Alkaline Body means reducing acidity in your body by eating the right kind of food items. There are a lot of benefits of having an alkaline body, like peaceful sleep, increase in energy, reduced weight, low chances of getting sick with chronic diseases, battling teeth and gum problems, and low inflammation.

Benefits of Safed Petha Juice:

Apart from the benefits mentioned by Masaba, like relieving sciatica pain, cleaning the small and large intestine, anti-ageing and cooling the body, drinking Safed Petha juice helps absorb all the toxins, germs and contamination in the body. It also boosts metabolism and fights constipation.

Masaba also called the Ash Gourd diuretic. A diuretic is any substance that promotes diuresis. It is the increased production of urine, which helps rid the body of salt (sodium) and water. Most of these medicines help our kidneys release more sodium into the urine.
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