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Honey Chilli Potatoes Recipe

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Published: 14:39, 23 November 2021  
Honey Chilli Potatoes Recipe

The Indo-Chinese recipe palette is the universal desi weakness but if you have no will to get out of your blanket this Saturday and go fetch honey chili potato, a popular street food, we got you sorted with its homemade recipe. As you hang up your boots this weekend, snuggle down with a bowl of honey chili potato that serves 2 and can be whipped up in just 10 minutes. 

Wake up, it's food o'clock! There's no better feeling in the world than a bowl of scrumptious street food in hand but move over regular street food from outside and surprise your taste buds while giving your drowsy weekend mood a tangy boost with this lip-smacking recipe of honey chili potato.

Though the dish is served at cafes as a starter, it also passes off as an ideal snack courtesy of its crispy, sweet and spicy savory taste. Check out its crispy, easy and delicious recipe below and get ready to prepare honey chili potato from deep-fried potato wedges or potato fries.


1 tablespoon oil

60 grams sweet chili sauce

180 grams deep-fried potato

10 grams spring onion

Salt as per taste


Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in a non-stick pan. Add chili sauce along with deep-fried potato.

Add salt as per taste, garnish with green spring onion and serve hot.


Potatoes are the most commonly consumed vegetable in India and are full of antioxidants that aid in preventing diseases. Packed with vitamins and minerals that help the body to function properly, they are a good source of fiber which keeps one full for long, helps to lose weight, provides energy-delivering complex carbohydrates.

The vegetable has also been linked by studies in improving blood sugar control, reducing heart disease risk and helping in higher immunity. Potatoes help regulate blood pressure as they are a great source of potassium.
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