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You`ve been brushing your hair wrong

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Published: 19:24, 21 September 2021  
You`ve been brushing your hair wrong

A-list hair colourist Louise Galvin, who lives in London, explained that people who worry about hair thinning should obey the 'half-rinse' rule – and never brush from the roots down.


An A-list celebrity hairdresser has explained that many Brits are caring for their hair incorrectly – and it could be thinning out your mane.

Louise Galvin spoke in detail about how we should be brushing and washing our hair.

The colourist emphasised that certain habits could cause older or thinner hair to fall our or tear at a greater rate.

Firstly, Louise said that you shouldn’t brush your hair straight after conditioning it.

The hairdresser said that people should do the “half-rinse” to keep their strands intact.

She told the Sun: “Nobody seems to understand this!

“You put the conditioner on, half rinse (because that really disperses the product evenly), then separate it with your fingers because, remember, your fingers are always gentler on the hair, and then start brushing from the ends up.

“People in their 40s, 50s and upwards have really got to think about it because obviously their hair gets more fragile with menopause – hair does as we get older.”The Daily Star


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