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Long Covid funding to unearth new treatments

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Published: 12:26, 18 July 2021  
Long Covid funding to unearth new treatments

Thousands of people with "long Covid" could benefit from the funding of 15 new studies of the condition, its causes and potential treatments.

Researchers from across the UK will investigate everything from brain fog to ongoing breathlessness, using a new technique to detect hidden lung damage.

They will be backed by £20m from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) in UK.

Long Covid is still not yet fully understood, BBC reported.

Although many people make a full recovery after having Covid-19, some do go on to experience symptoms for many weeks or months afterwards, even if they were not ill enough to be treated in hospital at the time.

There is still no official definition for this condition, and estimates vary over how common it is.

But doctors are clear it can cause a broad range of long-term symptoms, including fatigue, muscle pain, headaches, brain fog and breathlessness, which are not seen to the same extent with other viruses.

One study being funded with this new money, led by University College London, will test whether everyday medicines such as aspirin and anti-histamines can help people recover.

It will recruit more than 4,500 people with long Covid who will be tracked over three months of treatment.

Another study will investigate the common long-lasting problem of brain fog, which many people say affects their daily activities and their ability to work.

Using detailed brain scans of those affected, researchers hope to learn the cognitive impairment means and how it can be treated.