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Dark Room: Shooting a Series with Life-Size Models

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Published: 11:02, 3 March 2021  
Dark Room: Shooting a Series with Life-Size Models

I was listening to my favorite band Sentenced and their album “The Cold White Light”. While listening I started thinking, “Should I make images from the songs in my favorite album?”

Well, that was the original plan in February 2020. Now ideas have gone on their way and I have over forty sketches in my sketchbook. I have picked some pieces from other bands too like Queen, Metallica, Mötorhead, Stam1na, etc…

When ideas started to circulate, I ended up pretty quickly in the idea that all the images would have the same environment. Some kind of room or a cell with a dark and depressing feel. It was clear from the beginning that images would also have some surreal and dreamlike elements. It is a collection of images of what a dark mind might look like from the inside. With all the destructive thoughts that circulate in the brains and feelings that take you down. The darkroom inside of your head.

I have myself suffered depression, which eventually led to my retirement from my computer engineering job. On the contrary, many might think dark topics are therapeutic and make them feel better and not the other way round. The same goes for very dark lyrics from bands like Sentenced.

I have had many comments on these images saying that it reminds them of the COVID situation. I think that some images fit well in describing the COVID situation for many, although it was not my initial goal.

I have done quite a lot of self-portraits and because of the pandemic, it was an easy decision to get back to the roots of how I started photographing people and do this as a self-portrait project.

Next, I had to think about how to do this on a tight budget. Building the room was not an option. I was going to photograph these in my home studio (aka living room), so the room had to be built digitally. Some of the bigger props like the coffin and guillotine were also out of reach in real size, so I decided to make those on a 1:6 scale.


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