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Goldman to require staff to wear masks

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Published: 08:48, 16 July 2021  
Goldman to require staff to wear masks

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Bankers returning on Monday to Goldman Sachs' £1bn London head office will be required to wear masks in the building despite the easing of government rules.

However, unlike some competitors, Goldman will not require staff to be vaccinated to come into work.

It hopes 70% of UK staff will return to the office in the coming weeks.

The boss of Goldman Sachs International Richard Gnodde said the company remained as committed to its London head office as ever.

Financial services is a crown jewel in the UK economy and contributes 12% of all taxes paid in the UK.

Since the Brexit vote, more than £1tn of customer and company money, trillions more in transaction volumes and an estimated 8,000 jobs have left the capital. This has left some questioning whether that crown was in danger of slipping.

On the day real royalty in the shape of Prince Charles visited Goldman's offices, Mr Gnodde told the BBC that the future for London remains bright.