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Local importers reluctant to import Indian onions by sea

Staff Correspondent || shiningbd

Published: 15:46, 16 October 2020   Update: 17:06, 16 October 2020
Local importers reluctant to import Indian onions by sea

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Now India placed conditions for onion export to Bangladesh. The neighboring country wants to export onions through the seaway. However, the traders of Hili land port in Dinajpur are not interested at all in importing onions by sea on their terms.

They said, if they want to export, it has to be done through land port. Not by sea; because, the importers don’t want to face loss again and again. Moreover, trade by sea is not even familiar to them.

The traders of the port said that the onion market became unstable when India stopped exporting onions to Bangladesh on September 14. Indian onions are sold at Tk 80-100 per kg in different parts of the country, including the land port of Hili. It goes without saying that there is no Indian onion in the market at present. In this situation, when other traders of the country including Hili started importing onions from Myanmar, Pakistan and China, India again expressed interest in exporting onions to Bangladesh.

Onion importer Md. Saiful Islam said, even after doing LC, India is not giving us onions. As a result, we traders are at a huge financial loss. One new decision after another from India is making us think about it. We have told Indian traders that we cannot import onions by river or sea. Because there are risks at sea. Moreover, we have never imported by sea.

Harun Ur Rashid, president of the Hili Land Port Import-Export Group, said the Indian government has stopped exporting onions to our country for more than a month. On October 9, they again expressed interest in exporting onions to Bangladesh and gave some conditions. But the news of these conditions has caused anger among the traders.

He said India's condition was that they would not export onions through land ports for the time being. They will export through Chennai seaport. But Hili’s traders did not agree to import them on these terms.

"It could be a ploy by them to stop the onions importing from other countries," said Harun Ur Rashid.