Strawberry lemonade recipe

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Published: 7/31/2022 6:27:08 AM


  • 175g sugar
  • 400g strawberries, hulled and quartered, plus extra whole strawberries to serve (optional)
  • 200ml freshly squeezed lemon juice (the juice of about 4-5 lemons)
  • ice, to serve



Tip the sugar and 1 litre water into a saucepan over a medium heat and heat, stirring, until the sugar has dissolved. Remove from the heat and leave to cool completely.


Put the strawberries in a blender and blitz to a purée. You can strain this through a fine mesh sieve to remove any seeds, if you prefer. Tip the strawberry purée into a large jug with the sugar water and lemon juice, and stir to combine. Pour into glasses filled with ice and serve garnished with whole strawberries, if you like. 

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