Stranger Things season 4 has been huge success for Netflix

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Published: 7/3/2022 6:40:32 AM

Stranger Things season four has been a huge success for Netflix, with the first half of the season having the most hours seen in a weekend launch for a streaming series at a whopping 286.79 million.

Volume two of the season maintained the season's huge success with its launch on Friday morning, causing Netflix to collapse and become unavailable to many of its customers, reports media.

This season has already established a new Nielsen Streaming record for the highest viewing time in a week, according to the series' creators.

There has never been a streaming program that has surpassed the six billion Nielsen viewing minutes threshold in a single week, so Stranger Things breaking that barrier and hitting the seven billion level is even more astounding.

The only other shows to exceed the five billion minute threshold were Tiger King and Ozark in the midst of the Covid lockdowns in Spring 2020.

Stranger Things was also included in The Hollywood Reporter's top 10 viewership list for original streaming programs from May 30-June 5.

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